A Rite from the Stars

Developer: Phoenix Online Publishing / Risin' Goat

Steam Store: Release date: July 18, 2018 Retail Price: $14.99 |

Welcome to the Mystical Island of Kaikala, home to the Makoa tribe, and Kirm, a young mute boy who must overcome a rite of passage to leave his childhood behind. Chosen by the Stars to become a legend among his peers, Kirm's rite will neither be ordinary nor easy as he masters the three paths of Wisdom, Courage, and Spirit. Guided by his guiding star Hoku, his Power Meerkat companion Mirk, and his own cleverness, bravery, and devotion, Kirm knows he can complete his Rite from the Stars and take his place among his people.




Adventure Indie Point-and-click