Bugs Must Die

Developer: Dragonglass Games Workshop / Dragonglass Games Workshop

Steam Store: Release date: April 05, 2019 Retail Price: $11.99 |

Shooting them with a machine gun, blasting them with missiles, dashing them with a vehicle, whipping them with an energy chain, or burning them with a napalm...No matter how you get it done, “ALIEN BUGS MUST DIE!” "Bugs Must Die" is a spiritual successor to Konami's top-down jeep gunning action title "Jackal". A frantically-paced pixel art twin-stick shooter with 80s & 90s arcade style, Bugs Must Die brings gamers the nostalgia of old school gaming experience.




Retro Roguelike Shooter Survival Bullet-hell Indie Beat-em-up Third-person Hack-n-slash Adventure