Chicken Assassin: Reloaded

Developer: Akupara Games

Steam Store: Release date: July 17, 2018 Retail Price: $4.99 | Nintendo: Release date: January 01, 1970 Retail Price: $7.99 |

Chicken Assassin is a fast paced Clicker-RPG with an outrageous storyline filled with over-the-top humor that boasts a myriad of colorful enemies and visually stunning levels and environments. Fight your way as Mean Mcallister, the baddest chicken in town, through multiple hordes of enemies to save your girlfriend in this hilarious, strategic button-mashing, action-RPG. As you progress, upgrade Mean with various fighting styles and skills, access an arsenal of weapons to dole out punishment, and customize clothing that boosts your stat attributes. Buck Buck, Mothercluckers.




Casual Rpg Indie Point-and-click Beat-em-up