Developer: Tree Interactive / Tree Interactive

Steam Store: Release date: August 28, 2019 Retail Price: $14.99 | Nintendo: Release date: August 28, 2019 Retail Price: $19.99 |

Hookbots is a local multiplayer party game where you craft bots and battle friends across 14 game modes! --- +99 WAYS TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR BOTS. From knights and dinosaurs, to bounty hunters and space warriors, choose among tons of different bots - each with cool ways to customize it! 14 GAME MODES! Hold the Flag, King of the Ring, Robo Bomb, Volleyhook, Baskethook, Hookball, Big Boss, Coin Collector, Team Deathmatch... - phew - and loooooooot more to challenge your friends. UNLOCKABLE CONTENT WITHOUT LOOT BOXES. Just like the good old couch games, Hookbots rewards playing, not spending.




Casual Partygames Indie Fighting