Metal Heroes - Combat shooting action games

Developer: BAP JAPAN

App Store: Release date: September 01, 2018 Retail Price: $0.00 | Google Play: Release date: September 01, 2018 Retail Price: $0.00 |

In the mysterious Technological World, a secret gangs call BlackShark is tacit to exterminate the world. Their army is spreading everywhere so fast and destroying everything they see to rebuild their own monarchy. One day, a strange light appeared, Metal Hero stepped out from it with the mission of saving the Technological World. He is known as a legend savior as he immediately started his journey to save the world from the force of BlackShark gangs. As Metal Heroes is a new action games 2018 offline, there are new features that other battleships games or even platform shooting game do not




Casual Platformer Shooter Indie Adventure