Outlaw Tales: Western Survival

Developer: Sandfishgames

App Store: Release date: March 04, 2019 Retail Price: $0 | Google Play: Release date: March 04, 2019 Retail Price: $0 |

Welcome to Outlaw Tales. You are about to begin your journey as an outlaw. It is up to you to chose the type pf life you want to live. -Want to be the most wanted outlaw? In Outlaw Tales, you can! You can be the most dishonoured, join a gang, shoot outlaws from behind before they begin a duel or kidnap an old man that only needs help... -Do you prefer to help the sherif? You can help the sherif. There are lots of characters that need your help, be an outlaw of example! Want to see who is the top outlaw? You can with the leaderboard system! The events all have unique ideas that you will lo




Survival Indie Battle-royale Adventure