Raspberry Coast

Developer: Whitethorn Digital

Steam Store: Release date: January 01, 1970 Retail Price: $ | Nintendo: Release date: January 01, 1970 Retail Price: $ |

Raspberry Coast is a fishing-driven life simulation game inspired by games like Stardew Valley and Legend of the River King. Players take on the roll of ‘the angler’, who left their job in the city to retreat to the oceanside. Purchase a dilapidated wharf and bring it from tangled weeds and driftwood to a functioning fishing business. As a GaaS, the game is free-to-play with paid transactions in game for cosmetics, crafting recipes, gifts, and so-on. Befriend townsfolk, develop romances, start a family, craft machinery, and most importantly, fish!




Casual Simulation Indie Sandbox Visual-novel Dating-simulator