Slime-san: Superslime Edition

Developer: Fabraz

Steam Store: Release date: April 07, 2017 Retail Price: $15 | Nintendo: Release date: August 03, 2017 Retail Price: $12 |

Slime-san: Superslime Edition includes all three major campaigns as well as some brand new, exclusive levels and features! Mama’s Madness: You’ve been swallowed by a giant worm! Your goal is to platform yourself through its intestines back out its mouth before you get digested! Blackbird’s Kraken: You were about to take a vacation with your family and got eaten whole by a giant Kraken?! Once more you’ll need to jump, slime & slide your way out! Sheeple’s Sequel: Sheeple believes he’s an NPC in a video game and decides to recode himself as the villain! Can you beat his mind-bending levels?




Platformer Retro