Super Cargo

Developer: Rajkumar Ponraj

App Store: Release date: January 05, 2019 Retail Price: $0 | Google Play: Release date: January 05, 2019 Retail Price: $0 |

Advanced Simulation Perfect For Fun! Top notch physics, Gorgeous high resolution Visual: Drive around authentically looking port and Warehouse. 32 PREMIUM LEVLES, 24 AWESOME VEHICLES: Different utilities. Learn to operate them all. Each Vehicle is suited to complete unique task. AMAZING VEHICLES! Drive & operate exciting Machinery vehicles! Fork Truck, Straddle Carrier, Bridge Builder, Inloader Truck, Multi Forklift and Automation Port Truck. Pick and Drop, Load and Unload, Transport Containers and Cargos, Build a Bridge : Its all possible in Super Cargo




Casual Simulation Indie Racing