Super Life of Pixel

Developer: Super Icon Ltd/WhiteMoon Dreams, Inc

Steam Store: Release date: December 20, 2018 Retail Price: $9.99 | Nintendo: Release date: May 15, 2019 Retail Price: $9.99 |

Join Pixel as he quests through gaming history, teleporting across the most iconic video game systems of generations past. He’ll have to jump, dodge and play smart if he wants to survive all the traps, puzzles and enemies waiting to take him down at every turn. Move, think, jump or die is the motto Pixel must live by if he wants to unlock the next console on his historic journey. Enter into a living, playable museum of video game history. A museum that spans across three decades, featuring 19 historically inspired consoles and over 100 levels to conquer.




Platformer Retro Indie Adventure Puzzle