Valkyrie: Battle of Asgard

Developer: Watermark RPG

App Store: Release date: September 03, 2019 Retail Price: $0.00 | Google Play: Release date: October 25, 2019 Retail Price: $0.00 |

Pick a valkyrie. Fight 100 waves of overwhelming odds. Ragnarök comes and Asgard drowns in monsters. Your lone valkyrie must fend off thousands with no hope of reinforcements. Can she survive the nearly endless waves of desolation? Pick from one of five battle maidens, each with her unique weapon and special skills. Gain the favor of the gods and buy weapons of great power. Push your battle prowess to the limit! A pixel hack and slash arena fighting game with deep strategic elements. A different fight every time.




Retro Indie Hack-n-slash Fighting