Viewport - The Game

Developer: DimArea Games

App Store: Release date: April 11, 2019 Retail Price: $2.99 | Google Play: Release date: April 11, 2019 Retail Price: $2.99 |

《OGN G-Rank Challenge Seoul Awards Winner》 《Made with Unity Korea Awards '18 Best Student Winner》 and more... Unique Puzzle + Enigmatic Storyline - Unique Viewport Puzzles Viewport has its own unique puzzle system inspired by viewport feature of 3D software. Players will have to utilize their spatial ability to the fullest. - An Enigmatic Storyline Even though it is a mobile puzzle game, it is basically story-driven singleplayer game. Players would take part in an unknown experiment as Subject 002. Everything seemed well until one day, Subject 002 receive a message from an unknow person.