Voxel M.R.T.

Developer: GamingPugsStudios / GamingPugsStudios

Steam Store: Release date: July 19, 2019 Retail Price: $14.99 |

You like RTS and you always wanted to walk through the castle you just built? Congratulations! I got exactly what you want! Voxel M.R.T. combines RTS with RPG, it is basicly a game about building a castle and defending it against npcs or other players plus you as the ruler play your own character. You can help gathering resources, building and fighting. You play as a rpg like character (Like archer, mage, etc.) and try to lead your army to success. In order to get an army you need to build a good economy to give your people important things like food and beer. Let your villagers work for you




Rpg Strategy Indie Casual Rts Tower-defense Third-person